Personalised clothing – highly personalised customer experience

“Let’s put together a Team Quest Team” we said.

The first competition is just one week away. “What about our team kit?” we said. We ask Google to help us find a promotional clothing company with a supa-fast turn around. Where we met 24 hour turn around – lovely. But if this didn’t happen we could use our normal competition gear couldn’t we? But it would be nice to have our Team kit though…

The customer experience with this company has blown me away. At no point from time of order to time of delivery did I not know the status of our very precious Team sweatshirts. I received email confirmation of our order. Breathe. I received email with a tantalising image of what our new silver embroidery would look like. Exciting! An email with a picture of the finished product told me that our kit was on it’s way. Fast!

A text message reassured me that a driver called Andreic would deliver our precious cargo. And he did. At the time that they said they would. And the sweatshirts were fab, and the Team win their first competition – woohoo!

And all was well.

Until we needed to add another Team member, and we needed another sweatshirt and it was short notice and it was Saturday! Now I was supa-confident that all would be well, as I really did like this company with their amazing customer service and products that were second to none, and I was already recommending them to people I know.

I knew that their customer relationship systems were fab and I knew that we had already paid set up costs for our artwork so wouldn’t need to pay this again. Nice.

The problem came when I went to log in and the sophisticated system relies on the human being to do just one thing – remember their login. Fail. As I was on the fly that day, I thought I would see whether someone might pick up the phone and speak to me on a Saturday.

“Hi Sarah” was the greeting when they answered my call.

One word. Amazing.

10/10 SupaStars **********

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