Supa feel, supa boot!

I’m not going to tell you all about the great features, thoughtful detail in abundance and beautiful design of the new Mountain Horse Sovereign boot. You are clever people, you will look this up on your retailers website.

I am going to tell you how these boots make me feel.

 Being a marketing person and a dressage enthusiast, I know about all of the beautiful, beautiful boots available out there, sigh…

I know which amazing riders wear which amazing boots (the dressage elite you might say), and I dream that one day it might be me wearing those boots. There’s a part of me however that is fearful of the “all the gear, no idea” tag, so I’ll be patient and wait until I get a little bit ‘more elite’ before I indulge.

So when I saw the advert for the Sovereign boot I was excited, very excited.

A stylish, sophisticated and elegant boot from an ‘affordable’ brand? Checked out the RRP and affordable is confirmed – even more excited! My order is placed (black, size 37, regular calf, regular height) with one of my favourite go-to retailers.

The parcel arrives next day, smartly packaged in a nice boot box with rope handle, lilac tissue, boot shapers and boot bag – a good brand experience for the customer, a very good start and certainly not just a pair of boots boots in a box. Special.

The boots are beautiful – to look at, to touch, to wear. I love the patent detailing, the soft square toe, the perfect fit and the elegant shape of the top of the boot.

EVERYONE at my livery yard loves them.

EVERYONE at my livery yard wants them.

My usual choice of riding boot would be a good quality brand with very soft supple leather.

Because of the wonderful fit, the Sovereign gives a much firmer feel to the calf that I’m used to. This, I have discovered, is a good thing. When I’m riding, this has made my leg less busy (I think) and made me use my seat more – happy days. Now to save up for a pair in brown – lush!

So, the Sovereign is a beautiful boot which can improve your riding (alleged by me).

How does that make me feel?


10/10 SupaStars **********

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