The Supa-Cool Gloves

Being an early adopter I love to try a new product as soon as it is available, so when I saw these gloves advertised on Facebook I couldn’t resist buying a pair.

They are the new Laila glove by Roeckl – wow, they are different!

I love the look of these gloves, the sporty graphic blazoned across the back of the hand and the very neat uncomplicated fit of the glove, secured by fine Velcro tab on the inside of the wrist. As soon as you put them on, they feel good.

The marketing speak majors on them being light and airy for the summer, with trademarked tan-through mesh on the back of the hand, and the palm being finished with highly breathable material.

“It fits like a second skin” says the spiel, and I cannot agree with this more – they really do!

The gloves are touch screen compatible which is good, although when I ride in the mornings at 5.30am, I admit that I have not yet tested this feature!

Another selling point that’s used is that they are perfect for riding in warm weather conditions. This USP went over my head to be honest, as being riders we ride in all weather conditions, come what may, and deal with it don’t we? However, the experience when you put these gloves on is simply amazing – your hands are instantly cooled and soothed. Lovely.

These gloves really are Supa-Cool!

They are my new favourite gloves and I’m loving riding in them, thank you Roeckl!

10/10 SupaStars **********

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