Why you should do Team Quest

I arrived late to the Team Quest party, but I’m glad I got in.

I’ve had a 2 years plus break from competing as I bought a horse that has far more talent than me for dressage, so he’s competed by a professional and I’ve become an owner!

Hugely satisfying of course, but after putting together a Team Quest team, I was itching to join in too! Luckily my husband is fine with me sharing his horse – I’m in.

I’ve competed on an Inter-Regional team before and the team spirit was amazing – Team Quest is the same. To be part of that team together, to cheer each other on, to encourage and support, win or lose, have fun and a goal to aim for, together, is so motivating and uplifting.

The spirit of Team Quest filters through in other ways too – light-hearted rivalry between teams, mutual admiration of team names and team kit, and the enthusiasm of the venues that really do get in the spirit of the game to put on a fun show is great – we always have a great day out, even when we’ve finished bottom of the pile.

The standards are good!

When Team Quest first launched I heard an experienced dressage person comment that ‘this was BD dumbing down the sport’.

If the strategy behind TQ is to be inclusive, give an encouraging platform for more riders to get involved in the sport, develop their skills with the help and support of listed judges, create more BD members and more entries for our excellent competition venues – how can that be dumbing down?

And this competition really is for everyone – our little team have riders ranging in age from 16 to 53 and the horses are aged 7 – 24 years – what’s stopping you?

10/10 Superstars for that strategy BD, I hope that it is working.

I am now watching the leader boards and frantically checking out show dates with the aim of qualifying for the regionals – that would be amazing!

Well done to British Dressage for all you’ve achieved with Team Quest, schedules are looking busy which shows a thumbs-up from venues, plus Kent & Masters are main sponsors for year 3, I hope they are getting all they hoped for in return for their support in making this a true championship for true amateurs.

Now, what test am I riding on Sunday….

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