Stunning bridle, amazing value!

I don’t consider myself to have a bridle fetish, but I do have a fairly nice collection in my tack room – Elevators, Jeffries, Kieffer, Schockemohle, Micklem.

All have varying price tags and have been bought for the same reason – I only want my horses to be happy and comfortable in their work and every decision I make on their behalf has this thought in mind.

My grey horse is so thin skinned that everything rubs him, including all of the best quality tack and saddle cloths 😦 My young horse is so light in the mouth and contact that the right bit and bridle for him are always front of mind. We have had more than one tack judge exclaim “Wow!” when they find that he is ridden in a rubber snaffle.

I hadn’t not heard of BR Equestrian Equipment until recently, I read a little about the brand and liked what I read – ‘BR is inspired by the unique bond between horse and rider and our products are designed to enhance this relationship. Our philosophy is derived from 3 core values – horse welfare, functionality and quality’.

I too was inspired by these values so I decided to try the Dartmouth Snaffle bridle on my young horse.

The leather is – beautiful. Supa-soft and luxurious, giving the bridle a far more ‘expensive’ feel than the £150 RRP (the bridle does not come with reins). It is an unusual bridle – in a very nice way. The leather is rolled to sit softly, with no buckles whatsoever in contact with the horse’s face. Mental note: must try this bridle on my grey #watchthisspace

Another really thoughtful touch is that it comes with a plain brow band for everyday use, plus a very, very pretty, tasteful, blingy one (if it is possible to combine those two words?), complete with Swarovski crystals for show days – sigh!

All of the buckles sit upon a soft pad at the poll. The bridle takes a bit of time to fit as it is different from a conventional bridle and what we are ‘used to’ – but once fitted, the fit was excellent.

I had a slight reservation about the pad on the poll area – but my horse had none, and if there were something to dislike about it, he would be the first to say! He went very nicely in it.

The bridle is a very good buy, and feels far more sophisticated and expensive than the cost implies – it feels ‘special’. I like this bridle and as I’ve looked further at the brand, I like the brand too. Photography on the website is unusual – but let’s be open minded, I don’t have any issues with pictures of riders holding pineapples, so happy days!

Looking forward to trying more products from this brand.

10/10 Supastars! **********

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