Turn your horse into a Unicorn

This line could be challenged by advertising standards I’m sure, but we are equestrians and we are not like that and of course we want our horses to look like that magical mythical, don’t we?

An Equiture brow band will certainly help – they are beautiful!

Having 3 competition horses, and with a love for anything gorgeous, I do have some very nice brow bands already, but when I bought the Equiture brow band from our local retailer for our gorgeous 14.2, I was rather impressed. It is *the* thing that I really do love at the moment.

We (the niece and I) selected the bright blue crystals – to match said pony’s bright blue eyes – obvs.

And does it SPARKLE!

I like the company’s offering – luxury bling, handmade in the UK with English leather combined with Czech or Swaroski crystals. Nice. Quality.

The price tag for our brow band was fab – less money than others I’ve bought but oozing far more quality. EVERYBODY comments on it!

After buying into the brand and wanting to know more, I looked at the company website – the selection is mouth watering and with 3 horses to keep looking magical where do I start? The website makes it easy. Shop by price, sale, (great choice of brow bands from under £44) limited edition, customise…

Too much choice? Use the widget on the website and Equiture will make some sound suggestions for you – tailored especially for your horse. Now that is SUPA!

Equiture also have a rewards program, which, from a marketing perspective is pretty cool. Join up and earn points for a number of different things – points for purchase, points on your birthday (top marks for innovation here), refer a friend, follow on Instagram.

Very forward thinking from a company that has its product right and its brand personality right.

So, one last thing – magical reward points for a magical blog? 🙂

10/10 SupaStars **********


2 thoughts on “Turn your horse into a Unicorn

  1. My boyfriend bought me a brow band and matching stock pin for my birthday! It’s absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to try it on! 😍🐴


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