Top 4 Ads with Horses

Why do brands use horses in their advertising?

In the words of Ronald Duncan –


Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,

Friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity?

Here, where grace is laced with muscle,

And strength by gentleness confined.


That’s why. They capture our hearts and emotions, and stir our souls.

Here are 4 brilliant adverts that pay tribute to the horse:

#Number 1:

Lloyds Bank – By your side for 250 years

Who cannot be moved by this absolutely breathtaking story of people, the horse, history and how our lives have always been entwined. A fantastic celebration of the 250th anniversary of the bank, and bringing the famous black horse to life, the creative team behind this ad really did strike gold. The soundtrack by Birdy is genius alone and that beautiful voice is enough to bring you to tears.

“I just wanna be by your side….. for the rest of our lives”

#Number 2:

Another tear jerker, featuring the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, tapping into the brand’s heritage with these stunning dray horses. The horses are hailed as American icons –

‘They heralded a new era of prosperity for Anheuser-Busch, and a weary nation’s return to optimism. From their first appearance in 1933 to their enduring presence on the American landscape, the Clydesdales are more than the symbol of Budweiser beer; they are the living embodiment of America’s great industrial spirit.’

#Number 3:

Anyone who knows a Shetland can almost believe that they can moonwalk. The message from the brand that invented the Giraffamingo is ‘Silly stuff matters’, but the sassy little dude strutting his stuff on the cliffs for the sheer joy of it is inspirational and epic.

#Number 4:

Thank you Cows by Muller Corner is tongue in cheek and ‘cheesey’ in style (they are a dairy brand after all), with 1980’s soft rock soundtrack and token pretty girl with the wind gently ruffling her hair – but, Mary’s dreams come true in this ad and who cannot be moved by that?

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