All the pretty hats!

Let’s face it, we equestrians do have a penchant for pretty things, and that’s not even including our horses.

The hat industry has been really exciting over the past few years, and wow, are there some pretty ones out there! I have a few on my shopping list but some of the price tags are slightly limiting for the time being but never say never J

The traditional caps and top hats have faded like their velvet into the background to be replaced by an astounding range of cool, innovative designs, full of great features and more often than not, adorned with stylish trims and crystals.

The owner of a traditional hat brand once told me that as soon as a lady or gentleman put on one of his caps, “it made the lady more beautiful and the gentleman more handsome” – now that’s a great marketing line if only you could prove it!

I LOVE my Casco Spirit hat. The second I saw it advertised I bought it. It is very, very pretty. The shape at the back is really stunning, and very flattering when you wear it. I feel nice in it.

The hat has an ergonomic fit – meaning that it fits to the shape of your head, is really, really comfy and airy. The inside can be removed for washing, keeping the hat nice and fresh.

I do love a bit of bling, and on this hat it is stylish and different – a flourish of crystal combined with a neat peek, silver vents and embellishments plus a cheeky flash of red makes the hat cool and sporty as well as pretty.

This is a stunning hat with a great price tag – so it gets 10/10 ********** Supa Stars from me!

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