The ‘joys’ of owning a Grey…

In the year 2007 BOAG (before owning a Grey), I always used to ponder the phrase “Don’t ever get a Grey” whenever I heard it. Can’t be that difficult to keep them clean can it?

Well it is. I thought I might be lucky when I bought mine, he was dark iron grey dappled, I thought he would stay that way and I gave no thought to the warnings of my friends. He is now pure white and the filthiest horse in the stable. Joy.

It is an ongoing battle to keep him looking clean, no quick bath the night before a show for us, oh no. Pyjamas have helped, but what has REALLY helped is Muck Off by NAF. One has to wonder whether the team behind the name had a bit of fun with it – replace the M with an F and you get the gist, but to pinch a famous advertising line, it does what it says on the tin.

The website tells you that the ‘The results will be AMAZING’. I agree with this, as do many of my fellow Grey and Coloured horse owner friends who I have recommended the product to.

There is no doubt about it, a beautiful Grey is a sight to behold and many have become household names – Milton, Desert Orchid, Blue Hors Matine. I’m soooo excited about Charlotte Dujardin’s new Mare Florentina, who is gradually becoming whiter – can you imagine Charlotte riding a GP on a Grey? The thought is giving me goose bumps…

Me, I’ll keep on going with the hard work, elbow grease and buying shares in Muck Off. At least it’s all worth it when we get the eternal question asked of us at every show – “How do you keep him so clean?”.

2 thoughts on “The ‘joys’ of owning a Grey…

  1. I had a grey, fleabitten grey with white legs, white body and a stunning white tail. I became familiar with all the blue and purple products and spent hours at shows in the wash stalls but the result…..stunning! I am a dressage rider and I actually had judges comment on his immaculate turnout. So I hear you with this post.


    1. Lovely to hear from you Anna – and yes, they do look amazing when they are turned out beautifully! And great that Dressage judges have commented on turn out too – I do believe first impressions go a long way too!

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