The Bar is Raised..

Love this story – so motivational! We have to push ourselves – in a positive way, to reach our own individual goals – whatever they may be!


Back to work! As Biasini told you in his post yesterday ( Biasini Speaks…)we have a show coming up and I believe he also told you he was hoping I would be focused and working toward that!  So today I started back, after a 10 day holiday, with a lesson from my coach Belinda Trussell.

Belinda may be small in stature but she is BIG on energy and the ability to pour energy into teaching.  And believe you me I had better be ready to snap to it.  Today we just worked on the connection.  That sounds simple enough. Surely if I am riding at the Prix St. George level I should know how to ride with the right connection.  Yes. I do know how. However, there is no resting on previous laurels with Belinda.  Now we must work on making that connection better, the power in…

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